NinjaROBO: the ulimate weapon against mites

No.1 in Japan

NinjaROBO is an innovative dust mite extermination trap to prevent dust mite allergy.
It captures dust mites and controls them with no insecticide.
NinjaROBO meets the highest levels of safety in the world and even families with small children can use it without worry.

●Mite breeding control comparison test
→100% Extermination
Rate Aiken Corporation (Testing Institute, Japan) findings

●Acute Oral Toxicity Test in Female Rats
→LD5,000mg/kg Japan Food Research Laboratories findings No.14066020001-02

NinjaROBo: only one unique product

Only One Unique Product

One after another, mites are drawn to the mat, which is infused with scents that are pleasing to them, and burrow deep inside.
This is a sweet but deadly trap.
Once mites reach the attractant, their bodies are dehydrated by a natural desiccant inside the mat that is not harmful to humans.
And they do not become allergens in the air because the dead bodies of mites are contained within the mat.
This is the greatest advantage of a self-contained system that attracts and exterminates mites.

NinjaROBO: where to place

Where to Place

Using it is a snap. Hasstle-free.
Just place it under the bed, under the carpet, in the sofa, kitchen food cupboards or any other place mites might hide and it will gather and get rid of pesky mites for good.
(Required number of NinjaROBO)
Baby bed: 1 piece, Bed: 1-2 pieces, Rug or Curpet: 2-5 pieces
Closet: 2-5 pieces, Sofa: 1-2 pieces

NinjaROBO: how to use

How to Use

Step1: Take out the mat.
Step2: Put the mat in the case.
Step3: Put the attached date sticker on the inner side of the case, fill in the date of beginning of use on it.
Step4: Place NinjaROBO anywhere get rid of dust mites.
Step5: After 3 months, toss the used mat into the trash box.

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